Important Things to Remember when moving into your new Home:

Congratulations on your new home!  The stress of the process is over and the stress of the move can begin.  Here are some reminders & tips to help:

  • If you haven’t already, change your Address with your local Post Office.  This can also be done online to skip the line.
  • Change your address with your banks, credit card companies, IRS, investment institutions, employer, etc.
  • Rekey all exterior locks in the house.  Many people had access to the key during the transaction process
  • If there is a pool, be sure to balance the chemicals and do required maintenance.  Best to hire a Pool service professional.
  • Contact your tax attorney or preparer about any potential tax benefits for homeownership
  • If a home warranty was not included in the transaction closing, you may want to purchase a home warranty.
  • Before moving in your furniture and belongings, this is the best time for a deep clean and to pest-proof you new home.  Cleaning the floors, baseboards and windows will never be this easy again.
  • Find the essentials and organize as you unpack.
  • For insurance purposes in case of theft or fire, make an inventory list of all your belongings as you unpack.  Be sure to include brand names, model & serial numbers along with pictures if possible.
  • If you were happy with my service, feel free to refer me to friends, coworkers and family who may be interested in purchasing or listing property for sale.

Feel free to view the Business Directory for assist in your search for contractors:

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View the Relocating to Las Vegas Page for contact numbers for utility companies, etc.:

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Use the important links for neighborhood, school & crime information:

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Once your move is complete and the boxes are unpacked, it’s time to plan your housewarming party & enjoy!